Hilberts Music Tuition

Piano, Singing, Violin & Theory

Beginners to AdvancedAccelerating learning through enjoyment & achievement!

Piano - Singing - Violin - Musicianship - Theory

 For all Ages & Levels - Set your own Goals - Learn for Pleasure and/or Exams!

'Creative Kids' & Family Discounts available too!

Piano Lessons:
Learn for pleasure and for exams

We cater for ALL levels - from beginners right

through to advanced diploma levels.

We offer a range of music styles, encouraging each student to set their own learning goals.

Students can enjoy learning music that interests 

and motivates them!

Singing Lessons:

Singing is great fun & good for health! 

Learn good vocal technique to improve, develop, & protect your voice.

Whether you want to sing as a career or simply as a hobby, professional singing lessons can help you 

Achieve your goals!

Violin Lessons:

Violin is a popular instrument for a child to learn. 

Studies consistently show that early music lessons are really beneficial for childhood brain development. 

Learning violin makes this wonderful musical benefit easily accessible for all.

Violin is a fun way to learn music!

Keyboard Lessons:

Learn modern, contemporary music styles.

Learn and improve sight reading skills

and learn how to play by ear.

Understand chords & learn to improvise!

 Learning keyboard is great fun!

Musicianship & Theory:
HSC exam support - Performance, Aural & Theory.
Composition – Learn to create, structure and notate your own music. This can also be use in your AMEB piano exam or HSC exam!

Ask about our Online Musicianship Class - with a maximum of 6 students, to ensure quality tuition.

Save 40% when you add this to piano lessons!

Exams & Eisteddfods:

Students who like setting and achieving goals may enjoy pursuing exams & eisteddfods 

(Of course, neither of these are compulsory!)

Over the last 30 years, our students have achieved excellent results in exams & eisteddfods.  This has also helped them to accelerate their learning, hone performance skills & develop confidence.

Why Learn Music?

Music lessons benefit the whole child, and improve general emotional well-being, not to mention cognitive and academic ability...


Our Mission Statement:

Believing that everyone has musical ability, we take time to encourage all students to find and fulfil the potential that lies within each and every one of them.

We assist students of all ages to enjoy and be proficient with music, and develop their innate sense of music, for their own lifelong enjoyment. 

 We enjoy bringing out the 

best in everyone.

Where are they now?

Our students have gone on to pursue careers in Music, Medicine, Engineering, Chiropractic, Science, Speech Pathology, Naturopathy, Teaching, Television,

and Art.  

We are proud of 

them all! 

- All our teachers are experienced & professional -

We love to provide high quality tuition at reasonable rates for families



Parents are welcome to quietly sit in on lessons, if they want to, so they can assist with home practice time during the week.